[MapProxy] mapproxy and fastest option of serving huge imagery on web map on the fly

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Fri May 21 03:49:31 EDT 2010

Hi Karsten,

On 20.05.2010, at 21:36, karsten vennemann wrote:
> Anybody has experiences with any of the above or comments ?
> Any input what you think would be the fastest option to serve the compressed US NAIP onto a web map on the fly (without caching tiles on disk) ?

Am I right, that you do not need WMS? Then I would definitely suggest that you use a tiled service like TMS. 

I would put a MapProxy in front of your MapServer and pre-cache (seed) the first resolutions in advance. That way all users will hit the cache. If you estimate is right, you would only have 60GB when you cache till 32m. Every thing below would be requested on the fly from the WMS. This should take the load of your WMS and the WMS has more resources for the remaining requests.

Do you have some numbers how 'slow' MapServer is with your images (low and high resolutions)?


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