[MapProxy] mapproxy and fastest option of serving huge imagery on web map on the fly

karsten vennemann karsten at terragis.net
Fri May 21 15:47:55 EDT 2010

> Am I right, that you do not need WMS? Then I would definitely 
> suggest that you use a tiled service like TMS. 

For this exercise I do not necessarily need WMS because I was pretty pleased
with the zoomify layers in OpenLayers serves by IIPimage server. However did
I understand this right ? Mapproxy can have TileCache or other TMS input and
output that as a regular WMS ? That would be incredible because that would
allow TMS to be input into non WMS-C and TMS capable viewers such as
MapBender ... which I was wanting to do for a long time..
Another question - does mapproxy always store the physical tiles on disk or
only the requests? E.g. if I would use a TileCache layer (seeded on disk)
and then use it as WMS through mapproxy - would mapproxy create another
"stitched together" tile set on disk ?

> Do you have some numbers how 'slow' MapServer is with your 
> images (low and high resolutions)?
Ok I was comparing apples and orange which - is not fair but that really
doesn't matter for this exercise because I just what to find out what is
fastest in the real world. I compared on the same server the response times
of 3 layers (everything is on the same server and all in OpenLayers):
#1. a WMS served by MapServer created from a tiff file with embedded
overviews (raw data 2 GB each tiff)
#2. a WMS served by MapServer created from a tiff file without embedded
overviews (raw data 1.4 GB each tiff)
#3. a zoomify layer served as png tiles (not cached on disk rendered on the
fly) by IIPImage server using jp2 raw data input files 120MB sized)

So far I got these simple results:

Simple JavaScript Stop Watch Test			
Page Render			
	#1.	#2.	#3.
	Tiff	Tiff	Jpeg2000
		(ov)	(IIPImage)
Load Time (ms)
	2087	3065	<1000
	2135	3030	<1000
	2346	3007	<1000
	1967	2751	<1000
	4624	5641	<1000
	3735	5370	<1000
	3303	3672	<1000
	3040	3025	<1000
	2905	3695	<1000
Map Zoom Level Change			
	#1.	#2.	#3.
	Tiff	Tiff	Jpeg2000
		(ov)	(IIPImage)
Render Time (ms)
	5231	4055	<1000
	3632	4703	<1000
	4743	4951	<1000
	4145	4624	<1000
	5048	4048	<1000
	3456	4248	<1000
	5111	3807	<1000
	5471	4104	<1000
	4605	4318	<1000


Karsten Vennemann


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