[MapProxy] California in Africa

Sebastian E. Ovide sebastian.ovide at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 05:24:58 EDT 2010

> Ok, then it is alright that you didn't got anything for your MapProxy
> request.
> The only problem is that the request is black. This should be a
> transparency issue. Try the following:
>        sources:
>        - type: cache_wms
>          req:
>            url:
>             layers: ca_wild_fire
>            transparency: 'true'
nearly BINGO !...

I have 2 different behavior.
TMS: Using MapProxy as TMS I still see a huge california (bigger than the
world) with the correct colors and transparency.
WMS: If I use WMS I see California in the right place and the right size !!
but it displays a black background of the same size of CA and the rest is
white. And if I zoom out at level 3, only a small part of CA is displayed
and for Zoom 2, nothing is displayed. After playing around randomly (trial
and error) with different EPSG here if what I've got:

    - ca_wild_fire:
            title: CA Wild Fire
#            srs: ['EPSG:900913']
            srs: ['EPSG:3857']
#            bbox: [-373876.958741,-604494.167244, 540030.000742,
            tile_size: [256, 256]
        - type: cache_wms
            layers: ca_wild_fire
            transparency: 'true'

using WMS I can see California in the right place, right size for ANY zoom
level... but it still displays a black background... (TMS still same

any ideas ?

Sebastian E. Ovide
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