[MapProxy] Is any raster image support planned in future?

Andreas Trawoeger atrawog at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 11:26:19 EDT 2010

Hi everybody!

I'm currently making a lot of GeoTiff files Web2.0 compliant by using
Gdal2Tiles (http://www.klokan.cz/projects/gdal2tiles/) and I'm looking
for a solution thats a bit smarter.

MapProxy does provide almost everything I'm looking for like WMS, TMS,
KML support, smart seeding, supporting multiple projections, single
color tile detections, ...

There is only one big exception, which currently is a show stopper for
me: There is no way to directly access raster images.

It's certainly possible to combine MapProxy with any of the well known
OpenSource WMS servers, but it defies the simplicity of just using
MapProxy for everything I need.

Are there any plans to implement raster image support in near future?
MapProxy already seems to use GDAL so it shouldn't be too difficult to
implement. But I have no clue if it's a going to be one of the
MapProxy development priorities in near term.

Thanks for writing such a lovely piece of software.

cu andreas

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