[MapProxy] GetFoo Url in getCapa wrong

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Thu Sep 30 08:04:03 EDT 2010

On 30.09.2010, at 12:39, Marco Lechner - FOSSGIS e.V. wrote:
> my mapproxy-WMS is providing the service on
> http://server/foo/service?
> In the GetCapabilities in the serviec secztion the onlineresource is
> correct given as
> <OnlineResource xlink:href="http://www.server.eu/foo/service"/>
> but at the Capability-sections the onlineresource for GetCapa, GetMap,
> .. is wrong:
> <OnlineResource xlink:href="http://www.server.eu/service?"/>
> the foo-folder is missing?
> where to configure this correctly?

The first OnlineResource belongs to the metadata, it should point to a website of your service and not to the service itself. You can configure it with the WMS md, as you already found out.

The OnlineResources in the Capabilities section are generated from MapProxy and you can't configure it. If you see wrong entries, then it is a sing that the webserver is not properly configured. Your HTTP server needs to set the SCRIPT_NAME environment to '/foo' and then every thing should work. How do you deploy MapProxy?


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