[MapProxy] Resolution and Levels

Oliver Schöne schoene at nisandmore.de
Wed Apr 20 12:04:02 EDT 2011




i’m a little bit confused about the concept of levels and resolution in
MapProxy. Could you please explain a little bit more about this? 

For example, in my project I’ve configured MapProxy for a WMS Service with a
Bounding Box like this:




    srs: EPSG:4326 

    bbox: [5,35,16,56] 

    bbox_srs: EPSG:4326

    res_factor: ‘sqrt2’

    tile_size: [256, 256]


This automatically generates 19 levels from 0.08203125 (at level 0) to
1.56462192535e-07 (level 19). What does this mean? What ifI want to render
exact scales in EPSG:4326 for example like this: (scales mean 1:10000000,
  in metric units)?


res: [10000000, 5000000, 4000000, 2000000, 1000000, 500000, 250000, 100000,
50000, 25000, 10000, 7500, 5000] 


How can I calculate these factors for the yaml File?  


Thanks in advance,




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