[MapProxy] Re: seed only question

DeDuikertjes DeDuikertjes at xs4all.nl
Wed Dec 14 05:57:26 EST 2011


Thank you, I'm again really impressed. Mapproxy behaves just as I like. 
A great product!

There is a wish however: I need to cache a shaky WMS. Sometimes this WMS 
will return something which is not a valid image, or nothing at all. 
Later it will return a valid image for the same request. Would it 
somehow be possible to write (transparent ?) error-tiles (symlinked just 
like singe colour tiles) when the number of retries is exceeded during 
the seeding process? Now I get an exception.
Error tiles would enable me to identify problem area's en try and reseed 
those tiles later.

Thank you, MArco

Op 9-12-2011 18:00, mapproxy-request at lists.osgeo.org schreef:
> Re: seed only question

On 06.12.2011, at 13:20, DeDuikertjes wrote:

> I have a layer with a cache as source, this cache has a source as source with seed_only set to true.
> If I request a tile from the layer, the tile is NOT in the cache will Mapproxy return a transparent image or a 404-error?
A transparent image for TMS and an empty image for WMS (depends on bgcolor/transparent WMS parameter).

> Sam example taken further:
> To mapproxy I issue a WMS-request which combines multiple layers, each layer has a separate cache, each of these caches a separate read-only source. One of the requested tiles is not in cache; what will mapproxy return?
That layer and only that layer should be missing (transparent) then.


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