Re: [MapProxy] Configurat​ion about reprojecti​on the cache on the fly and link the white tiles

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at
Fri Dec 16 02:05:59 EST 2011

On 14.12.2011, at 09:01, Qiu ruqiong wrote:
> I am learning to using Mapproxy. I have two questions about the
> configuration file.
> 1) If the source of Mapproxy is tms service or tiles in some CRS,
> could the client of Mapproxy is in another different CRS. If yes,
> could you give me a sample about the configuration.

It does work for WMS requests, but not on the fly. You need to create a cache that uses you TMS source. That cache can then be accessed with WMS in any projection.

> 2) Could I use a link tile instead of save the tile in disk when
> seeding the tiles. If yes, how to configure.

Do you mean something like:


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