[MapProxy] Walking TMS Service URLs and LockTimeout -- Trouble Shooting

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Fri Jul 15 03:38:26 EDT 2011

Hi Greg,

On 14.07.2011, at 18:43, Greg Corradini wrote:
> Things seem to be working for the most part except that I'm not getting any tiles back. That means I'm seeing most requests come through in the logs and I'm able to traverse the TMS URLs and get valuable XML back up to the point of the z/x/y.png request. I'm not seeing an errors in the logs.

You can't traverse a TMS service. You only get XML metadata for the top level URL and the layer URLs, and images for the z/x/y.png requests.

> When I make the initial z/x/y URL request nothing is returned...the service just hangs and waits for a response.

OK, so your source does not return anything. What source do you use for this TMS layer? If it is a Mapnik source, does the MapProxy process consume CPU? If it is a TMS service, can you request the tiles wihtout issues?


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