[MapProxy] Reprojecting on the fly using an epsg file with tiles cached in EPSG:23031

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Mon Jul 25 12:38:09 EDT 2011

On 25.07.2011, at 14:38, Fabrellas Bertran, Isabel wrote:

> In MapProxy 1.1.0, we have 3 layers, one cached in EPSG:23031, one in
> EPSG:4326 and one in EPSG:900913. There is a reference to an epsg file
> in the configuration file.
> When accessed from an OpenLayers visor in EPSG:25831, the first layer
> doesn't project correctly to EPSG:25831, there is a horizontal
> difference near 80 metres and a vertical difference of 130 metres.The
> other layers project correctly.

Ok, so reproduction works, but it uses wrong transformation parameters?

> I tested it previously in MapProxy 1.0.0, and the 3 layers project
> correctly to EPSG:25831.

I don't remember any changes for that. Did you install/upgraded pyproj?

You can comment out the 25831 and 23031 entries in your custom EPSs file and see if it still accepts the SRS. In that case it is not using your EPSG file.


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