[MapProxy] Configuring terraservice.net as a source?

Jake Franklin mjakefranklin at gmail.com
Mon May 23 16:49:39 EDT 2011

I'm trying to set up MapProxy with terraservice.net, mostly to reproject US
topo maps for some of my web client work.  I'm trying to serve up just
layer, called "DRG"

Currently, I have the layer defined as:

  - name: ts_drg
    title:  TerraServer DRG
    sources: [ts_wms]

And the source defined as:

    type: wms
    supported_srs: ['EPSG:26904', 'EPSG:26905', 'EPSG:26910', 'EPSG:26911',
'EPSG:26912', 'EPSG:26913', 'EPSG:26914', 'EPSG:26915', 'EPSG:26916',
'EPSG:26917', 'EPSG:26918', 'EPSG:26919']
      url: http://terraservice.net/ogcmap.ashx?
      layers:  DRG

However, I get errors from MapProxy when running in a development
environment, and using the "demo" server to see if my layers are working.
This is what I get in the server log:

2011-05-23 16:11:03,856 - INFO - 3688:mapproxy.client.http.http:_log -
terraservice.net - - [23/May/2011:16:11:03 ] "GET
HTTP/1.1" 200 - "-" ""
2011-05-23 16:11:03,856 - WARNING - 3688:mapproxy.client.wms:_check_resp -
expected image response, got: <html><head><title>OGCMap Test</title></head>
<h3>Service Exception Report</h3>
<p>Found 2 errors</p>
<br>DRG Target Resolution '0' cannot be less than 2 meters per pixel
<br>Did not find a layer to process

So does anyone have a config example with terrasservice.net working, or is
there a way I need to be setting "Target Resolution"?

Thanks so much for the help.

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