[MapProxy] Image processing

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Wed Nov 30 10:09:05 EST 2011

On 28.11.2011, at 13:51, Klaus Hartl wrote:
> What I want to do:
> Simply enhance (change contrast) and deliver images of an existing WMTS.
> PIL offers ImageEnhance, which works fine (done in about two lines).
> MapProxy forwards the tiles, fine.
> I need that PIL functionality integrated into the MapProxy configuration.
> I wonder if using MapProxy is still the best approach, though.
> If so, where exactly do i put my code?

There is no way to add a filter just by configuration, but take a look how the watermark feature is integrated into MapProxy. It works like a filter and changes each tile before it gets cached.


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