[MapProxy] Map shift between TMS and WMS

Frank Broniewski brfr at metrico.lu
Thu Aug 9 01:23:21 PDT 2012


I have a shift of my map in comparison to TMS between WMS layer.
I have a mapnik OpenStreetMap source and a wms relief source. If I use 
the OpenStreetMap source as a tms and overlay the relief source as wms, 
there's a vertical shift of the data so that it is not overlaying 
correctly. If I use the OpenStreetMap source as wms and the relief as 
wms, both are overlaying correctly. Now I wonder what may be the cause 
of this behavior? Is this maybe due to the bounding box with which the 
grid is configured?

   83 grids:
   95    cv:
   96         srs: 'EPSG:4826'
   97         res: [1222, 610.984, 305.492, 152.746, 76.373, 38.187, 
19.093, 9.547, 4.773, 2.387, 1.193
   98         bbox: [-26, 14, -22, 18]
   99         bbox_srs: 'EPSG:4326'

I uploaded my config here [1] and a live example here [2]. Use the last 
WMS server in the layer switcher for testing, the others aren't working 
currently. If you zoom closer to an island you will notice the 
difference in position much better.

Any tips are greatly appreciated


[1] https://bitbucket.org/metrico/mapproxy/src
[2] http://www.gis-hosting.lu/examples/en/metrico-osm-cv.html

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