[MapProxy] Render lower/higher zoom levels

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Fri Feb 3 03:55:30 EST 2012

On 02.02.2012, at 20:55, Martin Kokeš wrote:

> Okay, I added new grid:
> grids:
>  global_mercator_osm:
>    num_levels: 22
> and redefined my cache to use:
> grids: [global_mercator_osm, global_geodetic_sqrt2]
> and got 14-21 zoom levels. Higher zooms are pretty interpolated, bu no matters. Still I'd prefer to have 8-21 zoom levels. Tried to play with max_shrink_factor, but still no luck.

MapProxy would need to load and scale thousand tiles for a WMS request for level 8 when you only have tiles for level 14. You can do this, if you create a grid that starts with the resolution of level 14 (so that you have a grid with level 0-7). MapProxy will scale down from the first level if you request a smaller resolution, but that does only work for a few "level steps".


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