[MapProxy] transparency with a WMS layer

Paolo Corti pcorti at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 08:17:23 EST 2012

> Thanks Jukka, I didn't noticed the JPEG format. What I said is still true, but this should be the actual reason why OpenLayers shows a white background. You might even leave out the transparent option, since I assume OpenLayer uses transparent=true by default for WMS overlay layers (isBaseLayer=false).

Thanks to all of you (and to Luca Casagrande who answered me off
list), that was :)
Basically, I have to set transparent = true in OpenLayers.
The image format doesn't matter, as even if I set it to jpeg
(wrongly), when I set the transparent attribute to true, the composed
WMS GetMap request is returning a png.
What I was wrongly assuming was that the attributes set in the yaml
file (transparent: true, in my case) would override the WMS request

thanks again and sorry for the noise

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