[MapProxy] Tilecache cache data reuse

Fernando Ribeiro fernandinand at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 13:17:48 EST 2012

Hi list,

Currently I am trying to reuse some old Tilecache generated data (Tilecache
disk format) with MapProxy. The objective is not to ask Tilecache for data,
rather MapProxy to use this cache data. As you are familiar, MapProxy uses
a SRS suffix at the end of the cache data name folder and Tilecache does
not. For a limited period I will have to support alongside Tilecache and
MapProxy, desirably using the same data source, the Tilecache one, as this
data is really huge to copy.

So far I only managed to get this "setup" working by omitting the EPSG
suffix code part on config/loader.py, cache configuration class. If I do
not omit this, MapProxy always creates a new folder with the same name,
plus the suffix SRS code part.

Is this the only way to get this "setup" working, or is there another way
to be able to reuse a Tilecache data folder?

Thanks and wish you all a great year!

Fernando Ribeiro
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