[MapProxy] Tilecache cache data reuse

Stephan Holl stephan.holl at intevation.de
Tue Jan 3 03:11:46 EST 2012

Hello Fernando,

Fernando Ribeiro <fernandinand at gmail.com>, [20120102 - 18:17:48]

> Hi list,
> Currently I am trying to reuse some old Tilecache generated data
> (Tilecache disk format) with MapProxy. The objective is not to ask
> Tilecache for data, rather MapProxy to use this cache data. As you
> are familiar, MapProxy uses a SRS suffix at the end of the cache data
> name folder and Tilecache does not. For a limited period I will have
> to support alongside Tilecache and MapProxy, desirably using the same
> data source, the Tilecache one, as this data is really huge to copy.
> So far I only managed to get this "setup" working by omitting the EPSG
> suffix code part on config/loader.py, cache configuration class. If I
> do not omit this, MapProxy always creates a new folder with the same
> name, plus the suffix SRS code part.
> Is this the only way to get this "setup" working, or is there another
> way to be able to reuse a Tilecache data folder?
> Thanks and wish you all a great year!

If you are on linux a simple symbolic link could solve this? (untested)



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