[MapProxy] more opacity questions

DeDuikertjes DeDuikertjes at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 7 10:08:38 EST 2012


Now that I have opacity working I'm getting some strange results.
The opacity of the features is always ok (semi-opaque as set).

However, the transparency in between the features behave very strange.
For the same layer I get tiles where the area around the features is 
black-semi-opaque as well as tiles where the area around the features is 

I've done some investigating. I came to these findings:
- It doesn't matter how image mode is specified on source or cache. All 
tiles are stored in indexed 8 bit.
- stored tiles do have transparent background
- the features in the caches tiles are opaque
- So: the image opacity is not applied on storage of the tiles, but  
when tiles are requested.

- is doesn't matter what image mode I set, I always get the same result:
   semi opaque features as set with image opacity
   area around the features not transparent but semi-opaque white or 
semi-opaque black.

Any one have a clue how to solve this?

Any help again greatly appreciated, MArco
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