[MapProxy] Multi-layer transparency problem

Oliver Tonnhofer tonnhofer at omniscale.de
Fri Jan 13 02:49:42 EST 2012


On 12.01.2012, at 13:32, Dejan Gambin wrote:
> I have mapproxy set up with MapServer as WMS server/source. Everything seems to be fine except when requesting two layers that are overlayed one above the other. The first layer is a polygon layer with TRANSPARENCY parameter set to 70 (this is indeed the opacity). The other layer is line layer, with no transparency set.
> Now, when I show them separately, they are ok, but if I put (turn on) the second layer above the first one, the first layer changes its color and becomes more "blurred" (like more transparency is added to it). It doesn't happen with direct MapServer WMS GetMap request, so I suppose it is related to mapproxy.
> Btw, I am using mapproxy 1.2 on debian machine.
> Thanks very much for any useful information

It's hard to help you without more information. Can you post some configuration, requests and result images (keep them small)?

Just one guess: You are using an updated version of PIL with paletted PNGs and the colors change because the color space (256 colors) is too small for your images.


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