[MapProxy] blurred labels when requesting more layers from mapproxy

Sandor Csaba sandor.csaba at viamap.hu
Wed Jan 25 12:02:30 EST 2012

Hi list,

I have 3 caches for 3 mapserver layers in my mapproxy.yaml.

This is generated by mapproxy when requesting one layer:


This is generated when requesting all 3 layers (including the previous one)
of which 2 are completely empty at that location:


Something happens when mapproxy merges the images from the 3 separate

Here's the global part of mapproxy.yaml:

  # # cache options
    # where to store the cached images
    base_dir: './cache_data'
    # where to store lockfiles
    lock_dir: './cache_data/locks'
  #   # request x*y tiles in one step
    meta_size: [1, 1]
  #   # add a buffer on all sides (in pixel) when requesting
  #   # new images
    meta_buffer: 0

  # image/transformation options
          resampling_method: bilinear
          mode: RGB
          transparent: true
      resampling_method: nearest
      paletted: false
  #     jpeg_quality: 90
  #     # stretch cached images by this factor before
  #     # using the next level
  #     stretch_factor: 1.15
  #     # shrink cached images up to this factor before
  #     # returning an empty image (for the first level)
  #     max_shrink_factor: 4.0

Tried to play with image options with no luck. Can you suggest any starting
points in getting this right?


Sándor Csaba
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