[MapProxy] polygon_coverages_on_Windows

Zmitser Kozhukh zmitserk at mail.ru
Wed Jul 11 16:03:19 PDT 2012

just needed to install Shapely-1.2.14.win32-py2.7 . it already contains geos.dll library :)

Tue, 10 Jul 2012 13:03:57 +0400 от Zmitser Kozhukh <zmitserk at mail.ru>:
Have some question regarding using wkt-polygon/ogr-shapefile masks for coverages on Windows 7.
If I've understood it correctly I need to have Shapely package and geos libraries installed on my computer.
I've already installed Shapely package with easy_install. But can't figure out how to install geos libraries so that they are recognized by MapProxy.
Will be gratefull if someone helps. Thank you. Cheers
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