[MapProxy] Best way to deploy mapproxy

Benjamin Wragg bwragg at isasolutions.com.au
Thu Jul 19 14:00:47 PDT 2012


Just started with MapProxy...loving it...top job guys.

So far I've just been running it as serve-develop but I'm getting close to putting it into the production environment. I've looked at the ways it can be deploy and I'm a little overwhelmed with all the available options. Just wondered if anyone has any comments on which deployment method and software options is the fastest/best/preferred? 

1) HTTP behind HTTP Proxy (Gunicorn, Spawning, Nginx, Apache)
2) FastCGI behind HTTP server (flup, apache, nginx, lighttpd)
3) Embedded in HTTP server (apache and others)

I'm running Ubuntu 12 server. Its just going to run on an internal ethernet network, not over the web. I have no real preference on the web server so I'm open to suggestion. I've used Apache previously for other apps but if something is faster I'd love to hear about it.



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