[MapProxy] Log all of the Mapproxy Cmd on Windows in a external .txt

Christian Chojnacki christian.chojnacki at student.afg.hs-anhalt.de
Tue Jul 24 05:20:37 PDT 2012


it try to log all infos from the cmd from the running mapproxy in a 
external .txt.
It log all in the cmd but i can't write this in a .txt.
I make a log.ini and a config.py but it doesn't work.
Can i log all with a Mapproxy Configuration or with a Python 
Configuration or maybe with Windows him self ?
My system is Windows 7 server with Python 2.5 and Mapproxy 1.4.0.
Can someone help me ?

P.s Sorry for my bad english

Thanks in advance, and best regards

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