[MapProxy] Disable image color reduction and paletting

Lander, Steven steven.lander at rgi-corp.com
Wed Aug 14 12:05:52 PDT 2013

I am currently making sqlite caches from tile data I generate from gdal2tiles.py.  The resulting png images look great, and so do the images when they are in the sqlite database if I either view them directly or if I save the blob data out and open in an image viewer.

My issue is, when i serve this cache via mapproxy as WMS, the image is very dithered and low-quality.  I tried setting the image mode to RGBA for the cache, and also set colors to 0 (disable color reduction, according to wiki), but this has no impact on how the image looks.

How can I get MapProxy to serve the cache images without reducing their quality?  Bandwidth/loadtime is no concern for me at this point.

Thank you very much,

Steven D. Lander, Software Engineer
Reinventing Geospatial, Inc

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