[MapProxy] Slow requests Was Re: MapProxy Digest, Vol 46, Issue 3

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Wed Dec 18 02:41:45 PST 2013


On 16.12.2013, at 11:47, Daniel O'donohue wrote:
> I have a mapproxy setup that runs behind apache2.2 server in a Windows environment. I have a large cache ~140gb stored in a file structure. 
> I demo site workes fine but I can see that as I get the higher zoom levels I see that the map is much slower at loading tiles, but once the tiles are loaded for the first time panning seems to work  fine but I notice the same drop in preformance when I zoom in Again. I guess this has something to do with the cache size and the Windows abitly to index extremely large numbers of folders and images. Has anyone else experienced this? could a solution be to transfore the cache to sqllite databases? and if so what are the preformance conciderations of doing this?. I might be worth noting that the preformance drop is within the cached area /  zoom depth.

are you really sure that all tiles are cached for the slow requests? You can check if there are source requests logged while you make a requests that takes longer than others.


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