[MapProxy] forward time dimension info in getCapabilities

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Mon Jul 29 02:42:28 PDT 2013


On 26.07.2013, at 13:24, Ezequiel Lara Gómez wrote:
> However, the origin WMS has a time dimension, which I would need to use
> from our client - not only request a specific time from the origin layer
> with "time" and forwarding it with "forward_req_params", but to serve
> also the timeextent supported in getCapabilities requests, besides
> passing through the requested TIME from our layer.

MapProxy has only limited support for (time) dimensions. froward_req_params is just a quick "hack" to get dimensions working when your clients are not needing the capabilities.

> This dimension
> information gets lost in the proxying (as a matter of fact it doesn't
> even get parsed inside parse_capabilities_url).

MapProxy does not read any capabilities documents on its own. (parse_capabilities_url is only used in `mapproxy-util wms-capabilities`).


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