[MapProxy] GetCapabilities-request very slow

Max Stephan max.stephan at gmx.net
Thu Mar 7 07:06:37 PST 2013


we are using mapproxy for dynamic on-the-fly-reprojection of WMS-servers that don´t support the Transverse-mercator-projection (we are not caching because of the vast amount of layers). Our setup is the following:

-          Mapproxy is running through paste-deploy

-          We are using the multiapp-option (each server we are reprojecting gets its own instance - the YAML-configurations are automatically generated based on the WMS-capabilities of the source-server)

-          Mapproxy is connected to Nginx via fastcgi-pass

-          The server is a Ubuntu-powered virtual machine with a processor of 2,5 GHz
Every time we are requesting the WMS-capabilities of one of the instances the CPU-load goes up to 100% and the processing-time for the request is up to a minute, in some cases it even exceeds this and no response is returned at all. The servers have up to 600 layers but Geoserver for example doesn´t have a problem handling this number of layers.
Therefore our question is how we could improve this performance and if this is normal behavior. You can check for the list of instances we are running (1 has only a few layers, 2 a bit more and 4 is the one with >600 layers).

Best regards and thanks in advance,
Max Stephan
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