[MapProxy] GetCapabilities-request very slow

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Fri Mar 8 02:51:19 PST 2013

On 07.03.2013, at 16:06, Max Stephan wrote:
> Every time we are requesting the WMS-capabilities of one of the instances the CPU-load goes up to 100% and the processing-time for the request is up to a minute, in some cases it even exceeds this and no response is returned at all. The servers have up to 600 layers but Geoserver for example doesn´t have a problem handling this number of layers.
> Therefore our question is how we could improve this performance and if this is normal behavior. You can check for the list of instances we are running (1 has only a few layers, 2 a bit more and 4 is the one with >600 layers).

600 layers, that's quite a bit :)

The capabilities are generated by tempita, a simple templating library that is small and easy to embed, but not as fast as other templating libraries. I guess that this is your bottleneck.
Can you make the configuration available and can you time a capabilities request with a service of 100 and 200 layers?


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