[MapProxy] mapproxy permissions

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Fri Mar 8 02:55:29 PST 2013

On 08.03.2013, at 11:28, Mario Uhlig wrote:
> we have set up MapProxy 1.5 on centos via wsgi in collaboration with our
> provider. MapProxy is running very well, but we do not have root
> permissions on the server.
> Now I have a question about the write permissions of MapProxy.
> Can I delete without root access the cached tiles. The tiles belongs to
> the wwwwrun user, so it is not allowed to delete files as a other users.
> Would it be a solution to run mapproxy-seed somehow through the browser?

mod_wsgi? You can change the user/group and umask https://code.google.com/p/modwsgi/wiki/ConfigurationDirectives#WSGIDaemonProcess

You typically add yourself to the same group as MapProxy and make sure that you have group write permissions (umask 0002).


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