[MapProxy] installation on windows x64

Martijn Coenen Martijn at Covadis.nl
Mon Mar 11 07:03:36 PDT 2013

Oliver Tonnhofer,

> that looks good if you want to install Python and all packages in the 64bit
> version. But be aware that mod_wsgi is not available for 64bit. So, you need
> to install the 32bit version of everything, if you want to run MapProxy inside
> Apache.

Accidentally I'm also working on Mapproxy integration in Apache and came across mod_wsgi. I'm a bit surprised to read this, as I found this website:

As far as I understand, there is a 64-bit mod_wsgi. I'm running Apache 64-bit and have configured the development setup of Mapproxy in a 64-bit environment too.
Before I spend hours on getting this all to work in a deployed setup, I would like to know if the way via mod_wsgi is impossible even with the alleged 64-bit mod?


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