[MapProxy] ArcGIS REST API support with a trick

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Fri Mar 15 15:21:43 PDT 2013


Now that my 1.5.0 works... ;-)

On 2013-03-08 15:42, Travis Kirstine wrote :
> Current MapProxy does not support direct connection to the ArcGIS REST 
> API using the export map call. Fortunately ArcGIS server is able to 
> publish WMS services as well and you should be able to use the 
> standard WMS connection.  If you are not familiar with ArcGIS server 
> you can view the "catalog" of service published and determine if WMS 
> is support (not by default) ...
Thanks to Travis I was able to access some of that server's maps with 
WMS.  But not all its maps support WMS.
I was however able to trick mapproxy into loading the correct "export 
map" images with a hacked WMS configuration.
But the size of the image was incorrect.
The only thing missing in the request is   &size=705,509 instead of  

I have verified that WMS and ArcGIS "disregard noise", i.e. they will 
both accept  "&size=705,509&width=705,&height=509".
In other words, one can make the requests "bilingual".
Mapproxy makes no other calls than equivalent to the one below, does it?
_ts seems unnecessary.

But I do not know python enough to modify the program to do that 
(/usr/share/pyshared/mapproxy/request/wms/__init__.py ?).

If someone could sketch precisely how to add that &width=<w>,&height=<h> 
to a WMS request, I would make the update, test it, most probably extend 
the "feature" to the other bilingual parameters and return the update to 
the community.




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