[MapProxy] PB QGIS-server and mapproxy. Management of the transparency of a layer

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Thu Nov 7 06:07:45 PST 2013

On 07.11.2013, at 10:37, Yann Cuidet wrote:

>  I have problems using mapproxy with QGIS-server via openlayers (mapproxy-1.6.0, qgis-server 2, python 2.7.3, PIL 1.1.7 and pillow 2.2.1 for test, openlayers-2.13.1 on ubuntu 12.10). 
> I have a layer in which i defined the background of the polygon with transparency.
> When I asked directly qgis-server via openlayers, I get the png wanted (png background is entirely transparent and the transparency of the background is what i need).
> When I pass through maproxy, the image background is transparent but not the background of the polygons (the setting of the mapproxy may be ok because I get a transparent png image). What's weird is when I set the background of a polygon with less than 50% transparency in QGIS, through mapproxy the background of the polygon is completely opaque and when I put a transparency equal to or greater than 50%, the background of polygons is completely transparent.

Can you try it with paletted: false?


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