[MapProxy] "Stuck" requests and Apache

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Tue Nov 12 00:42:41 PST 2013


great to hear that it now works. Just a few remarks:

On 12.11.2013, at 09:35, Paul Norman wrote:

> - Encountered the error "IOError: decoder zip not available" with
> mapproxy-util serve-develop --debug

This means PIL or Pillow was installed without PNG support. You need zlib before installing PIL/Pillow.

> - removed the site.addsitedir in my .py loading file
> - Added `WSGIPythonHome /srv/mapproxy' to the global part of an apache
> config file

You should see errors in your Apache error log, if MapProxy can't access specific modules (mapnik, missing zip decoder, etc.).


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