[MapProxy] Presumed libproj problem with my simple sample

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Thu Nov 21 10:14:56 PST 2013

Hi André,

I do know the benefits of binary packages and I do understand that it would make live easier for some people. But you have to understand that people who work on open source projects mostly "scratch their own itches". I work hard to make MapProxy stable, robust, well tested and documented and with regular releases, but I cannot please everyone. There will always be people who have new ideas for 'must-have' features, people who need more documentation, people who want more tools - and that's ok. I encourage every one to help if they think there is a need for X, but they can't expect that X becomes an "itch" for me.

On 20.11.2013, at 23:49, André Pirard wrote:
>> But note that there aren't any official DEB releases. You are linking users to the old 1.5.0 release – 1.6 is now out since September.
> I used the latest DEB. You said you would announce the 1.6 DEB and I'm waiting (since September too).
> I'll upgrade ASAP.

Actually I said: "I will. But so far we haven't provided .deb or .rpm packages for any release."
So please don't hold your breath.

>> That said, I'd love to update the documentation with links to DEB and RPM sources, but someone from the community needs       to volunteer first to provide these packages and to support them. And better not just for on-time, but reliable for the next releases as well.http://www.papou.byethost9.com/tmp/mapproxy/ Regards, Oliver 
> I don't know how the DEBs have been generated, but it must be with a command running in a matter of seconds.

It is a matter of seconds if you have a running Debian system and all dependencies. 
But it's not just calling a Makefile: you need to update the changelog, you might need to update patches, update dependencies, etc. Cool if the .deb for the LiveDVD worked on you system, but you can't expect that all Debian and Ubuntu versions have the same dependencies. How would you handle that? Do you really want to autostart a developer server on a real server? As a maintainer you need to make these decisions and you need to know what you are doing. 

> On Thu May 26 02:52:52 EDT 2011, Oliver Tonnhofer wrote (on the MapProxy mailing list) :
>> PS: Stephan Holl contributed a patch to make MapProxy deb packages. It's in the latest trunk and you can build the package with `make builddeb`.
> PS too, after Web digging that: The patch is a Makefile but it's not in the source code and when I added it, it required a debian directory that you have but not me.

It's right there in the repo (https://github.com/mapproxy/mapproxy/tree/master/debian), but it's unmaintained and needs an update.


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