[MapProxy] Presumed libproj problem with my simple sample

André Pirard A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 14:49:20 PST 2013

On 2013-11-18 17:49, Oliver Tonnhofer wrote :
> Hi André,
> On 16.11.2013, at 07:26, André Pirard wrote:
>> This is somehow related to the previous Mila's message.
>> I once sent to this list a documentation update that was never integrated.
> Sorry, if you haven't got any feedback for your contributions. Must have slipped through my inbox.
> In general any contribution is welcome, especially for the documentation. But all changes need to be supported and maintained. For new features to MapProxy it's easy: The unit and system tests of MapProxy allows us to be confident that features will work as intended in all next releases. Your update to the documentation listed DEB files that were created once for the OSGeo LiveDVD and these links are obsolete after the next release... 
My update to the documentation mentioned the DEBs, no specific one.
I'm supporting DEBs for 3 reasons:

- I think that MapProxy should be available for everyone, not requiring
to be a Python expert, not even to be able to type a command.  I know
that many people have trouble even with the command line and I wonder
how many turned away from Mapproxy because of that.  There are many
Python software that Mr Everybody can use without knowing that it's
Python, even what Python is. Compare with my new distribution's
Installation and running

After writing this e-mail I did a bit of Web digging and I came back
here to add that I just discovered this
<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/MapProxy#Installing> (please note
"pretty straight forward (if you have some Python skill). It will be
*totally* straightforward without skill..." I didn't write that, just
found it, I swear.

- When a DEB installs Python code, it warns Python and Python knows what
is updated. If Python (pip) installs something, I don't think it warns
APT (DEB manager). That means possible compatibility clashes.  I
personally met a problem until I had Python uninstall yaml. Note that
you don't explain how to uninstall Python stuff and that Mr Everybody
will not find MapProxy in the list of installed software to click
Uninstall unless it has been DEB installed. This is true for any method
of non-DEB installation.

- There shouldn't be as many Python virtual environments as Python
products installed.  Google Picasa did that. It was said to use Wine. 
In fact, it was installing its own Wine beside the other one.

>> The goal was to make Mapproxy simple for those who are not proficient with Python etc.
>> The basic idea is that, for most Python applications, installing a system packet prevents forgetting a libproj0, by managing all the dependencies, by making unistallation a straightforward and complete process, by using the procedures that the user knows, etc...
>> So, finally, to help my friends, I wrote this Web page for the DEB package .
> This is cool. 
Ah! Thanks. And so, I made it even cooler.  I hacked the DEB to:
- have a shortcut in the Applications launcher, with your nice logo
(assumed permission ;-))
- add a front end script to automatically initialize the ~/.mapproxy
directory on first startup
- and, as a bonus, automatically launch the Web demo too
Now Mapproxy has fully become a conventional application
> But note that there aren't any official DEB releases. You are linking
> users to the old 1.5.0 release – 1.6 is now out since September.
I used the latest DEB. You said you would announce the 1.6 DEB and I'm
waiting (since September too).
I'll upgrade ASAP.
> That said, I'd love to update the documentation with links to DEB and
> RPM sources, but someone from the community needs to volunteer first
> to provide these packages and to support them. And better not just for
> on-time, but reliable for the next releases as
> well.http://www.papou.byethost9.com/tmp/mapproxy/ Regards, Oliver
I don't know how the DEBs have been generated, but it must be with a
command running in a matter of seconds.
I cannot, of course, sign a lifetime support of Omniscale, and my doctor
refuses to tell me how long I'll live.
But I wonder what you call "support them". Almost all that the DEB
system does is to automatically install dependencies and place MapProxy
files where they must be.
So, there is no conceivable problem with the DEB system.
Should a file be updated for any reason, it's a matter of minutes again
to produce a new DEB.
What I have used is a home made deb-hack script that allows me to
replace files in a DEB.
I may publish it if it can help.

On /Thu May 26 02:52:52 EDT 2011/, Oliver Tonnhofer wrote (on the
MapProxy mailing list
<http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/mapproxy/2011-May/000678.html>) :
> PS: Stephan Holl contributed a patch to make MapProxy deb packages.
> It's in the latest trunk and you can build the package with `make
> builddeb`.
PS too, after Web digging that: The patch is a Makefile but it's not in
the source code and when I added it, it required a debian directory that
you have but not me.  The make lasted 5×3 sec.  I tried to reinvent that
directory, but after 5 uncertain workarounds to 5 error messages, I
decided I wouldn't get over it.

I tried to replace the 1.5 files with the 1.6 source, but some are
missing and hacking the old ones is hazardous and
/usr/share/python-support/mapproxy.public just impossible.
Should I know what the new dependencies are, if any, and where I can
find on the Web the complete contents of an installed MapProxy as I have
partially done here <http://www.papou.byethost9.com/tmp/mapproxy/>, my
best bet would be to replace the files in the 1.5 DEB with the 1.6 files.
Install problems? I reinstalled 1.5. 30". Guaranteed. That's DEB.

Note that I'm perfectly happy with 1.5.  I spent this day trying to
build 1.6 just to please you.



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