[MapProxy] SQLite cache types vs MBTiles

BERÉNYI Attila aberenyi at gislab.hu
Tue Nov 26 02:21:05 PST 2013


[0] someone reported SQLite connection timeouts during seeding with high
> concurrency, but he didn't report any further numbers. I do think this
> might happen when IO load is very high, but in this case you should reduce
> concurrency to a more moderate value. More feedback is welcome.

I have reported this "issue". It still persists, but the generated cache
looks all right - however, I am not quite sure that the actual tile is
written to the MBTiles/SQLite DB when there is a lock error on it - that
part needs further testing.

I have tried with 32 parallel processes (-c 32) on a virtual server with 16

The iowait (i.e. wa in top) does not exceed 2, but the 15-minute load is
still only 8-ish...

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