[MapProxy] Configure external wms that requires basic auth

karsten karsten at terragis.net
Thu Oct 17 12:14:25 PDT 2013

Yes it definitely is http as I have manually requests to the WMS working,
however via MapProxy it appears not to be working that way.

I Now tried to sue a proxy PHP that uses curl to send the user and pw to the
external WMS (I know that basically that script is working  as I sued in in
a different setup)

Now with MapProxy it almost works and I can see requests like this to the
wms :

image%2Fpng&styles=&srs=EPSG%3A31468&request=GetMap&height=775 200 - 3177

In MapProxy currently still I get no image back, however tracing the error I
checked and  when I paste that url omitting the last part ' 200 - 3177'
after height=7555 that MapProxy added I indeed get the requested image back

Now how can I avoid that MapProxy ads the 200 - 3177 in the end of the
request (as that upsets the external wms service and I get a response
'Ungültiger Wert: 775  200 - 3177 Exception by ProxyServlet' ) ? Is there a
setting for that to omit. I am not even sure what those parameter are at
Any ideas ?

>>> From: Rahkonen Jukka <jukka.rahkonen at mmmtike.fi>

Quick question:
Are you sure it is http and not https?


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