[MapProxy] Problem with color debth in mapproxy

Burri Pascal p.burri at alpgis.ch
Thu Dec 11 22:17:47 PST 2014


I would like to publish a raster-image with umn mapserver -> mapproxy. Everything is o.k. but the color depth of the mapproxy output is bad, compared to the output of mapserver . The image delivered by mapserver is much smoother than the image from mapproxy, where similar colors are aggregate to one color.
I tried the options < mode: RGBA >,  < colors : 0 > and switched from png to jpeg - but nothing improved the color debth of the image. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for your assistance.
Best regards

An excerpt of my yaml:
    sources: [ortho]
    grids: [beo]
    format: image/png
    paletted: false
      type: sqlite
      dirname: ortho
      mode: RGBA

Mapproxy version: 1.6

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