[MapProxy] Problem with color debth in mapproxy

Poul Kjeldager Sørensen pks at ascend.xyz
Thu Dec 11 23:21:14 PST 2014


    Enable paletted (8bit) PNG images. It defaults to true for backwards compatibility. You should set this to false if you need 24bit PNG files. You can enable 8bit PNGs for single caches with a custom format (colors: 256)."

Maybe you got 8bit pngs cached. Try clear the cache and use paletted: false

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I would like to publish a raster-image with umn mapserver -> mapproxy. Everything is o.k. but the color depth of the mapproxy output is bad, compared to the output of mapserver . The image delivered by mapserver is much smoother than the image from mapproxy, where similar colors are aggregate to one color.
I tried the options « mode: RGBA »,  « colors : 0 » and switched from png to jpeg - but nothing improved the color debth of the image. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for your assistance.
Best regards

An excerpt of my yaml:
    sources: [ortho]
    grids: [beo]
    format: image/png
    paletted: false
      type: sqlite
      dirname: ortho
      mode: RGBA

Mapproxy version: 1.6

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