[MapProxy] WTMS tile reprojection and 'dimension'

Marc Monnerat procrastinatio at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 12:34:51 PDT 2014


I have about 300 WMTS layers in a national projection which are
pregenerated and stored in Amazon S3.

Now, I would like to offer these layers also as WMTS tiles in a few more
popular "projections", like the ubiquitous spheric mercator and other.

1/ Only one layer per cache

The solution using a cache as cache source as described in [1] works
perfectly. The downside is that I have to define a new layer per new

    - name: pixelkarte.mercator
      title: Pixelkarte in Mercator
      sources: [pixelkarte_cache_mercator]
    - name: pixelkarte.utm32
      title: Pixelkarte in UTM32
      source: [pixelkarte_cache_utm32]

Using more thant a source pro layer doesn't not work, only the first source
is displayed:

  - name: pixelkarte
    title: Pixelkarte in UTM
    sources: [pixelkarte_cache_mercator,pixelkarte_cache_utm32]

The goal is to have coherent urls like this:

Default projection

Spherical Mercator


where only the TileMatrixSet is changing, and not both the TileMatrixSet
and the layer name. I guess this can also be done with url rewriting
(mode_rewrite, varnish).

2/ WMTS Dimension

I am using a WMTS 'dimension' to represent time (timestamp). In the
following example [2] it is possible to forward the 'dimension' value to
the source, in this case a WMS service. I would like to do the same, but
using a WMTS source, for a source defined like this, where 'time' is the
dimension to forward:

      bbox: [420000, 30000, 900000, 350000]
      bbox_srs: EPSG:21781
    grid: swisstopo-pixelkarte
    type: tile

The workaround is to define a new source per each dimension and having hthe
dimension hardcoded in the url template, but I have already 10'000 of them.
Multiplying this for each new projection described above and the config
file will be quite big.

Thank you for any advice


[1] *http://mapproxy.org/docs/latest/configuration_examples.html#reprojecting-tiles
[2] *http://mapproxy.org/docs/latest/configuration_examples.html?#wmts-service-with-dimensions
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