[MapProxy] WTMS tile reprojection and 'dimension'

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Mon Jun 23 01:31:59 PDT 2014


On 15.06.2014, at 21:34, Marc Monnerat wrote:
> I have about 300 WMTS layers in a national projection which are pregenerated and stored in Amazon S3.
> Now, I would like to offer these layers also as WMTS tiles in a few more popular "projections", like the ubiquitous spheric mercator and other.
> 1/ Only one layer per cache
> [...]
> The goal is to have coherent urls like this:
> Default projection
> http://wmts.geo.admin.ch/1.0.0/ch.swisstopo.pixelkarte/default/21781/10/200/200.jpeg
> Spherical Mercator
> http://wmts.geo.admin.ch/1.0.0/ch.swisstopo.pixelkarte/default/3857/10/1234/2345.jpeg
> ETRS89
> http://wmts.geo.admin.ch/1.0.0/ch.swisstopo.pixelkarte/default/4258/10/567/432.jpeg
> where only the TileMatrixSet is changing, and not both the TileMatrixSet and the layer name. I guess this can also be done with url rewriting (mode_rewrite, varnish).

You can add more than one grid to a cache:

    grids: [mercator, utm32]
    sources: ....

> 2/ WMTS Dimension
> I am using a WMTS 'dimension' to represent time (timestamp). In the following example [2] it is possible to forward the 'dimension' value to the source, in this case a WMS service. I would like to do the same, but using a WMTS source, for a source defined like this, where 'time' is the dimension to forward:
> sources:
>  ch.swisstopo.pixelkarte-farbe:
>     coverage:
>       bbox: [420000, 30000, 900000, 350000]
>       bbox_srs: EPSG:21781
>     grid: swisstopo-pixelkarte
>     type: tile
>     url: http://wmts3.geo.admin.ch/1.0.0/ch.swisstopo.pixelkarte/default/%(time)s/21781/%(z)d/%(y)d/%(x)d.%(format)s

The dimension support is quite limited and it's not possible to access dimension parameters in tile sources.

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