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Bart Jourquin bart.jourquin at uclouvain-mons.be
Thu Sep 11 08:22:29 PDT 2014


I've installed my mapproxy configuration on a linux box, in /usr/local/mymapproxy. The cache dir (cache_data) is located inside the mymapproxy dir. The server is installed in an Apache web server, via mod_wsgi. Everything works fine.

For several reasons, I would like to have the cache dir located at another place. So, I've tried to create it in the root « /tmp » dir, in which I've created a « cache_data » subdir, with the same user and rights that the original cache_dir in « mymapproxy ».  The mod_wgsi conf file also gives the right accesses to /tmp/cache_data.

As a first attempt, I'v tried to put an absolute path in the « cache » section of the mapproxy.yaml configuration file. The problem is that the dir is created inside the temporary dir of the httpd server and not directly in /tmp. So it is cleared each time the server is restarted.

Under these circumstances, as thought that I just had to make a symlink to /tmp/cache_data from within the mymapproxy dir (ln -s /tmp/cache_data .)

Unfortunately, it comes out that this does not work and I find the following error in the httpd's error.log : No such file or directory '/usr/local/mymapproxy/cache_data/tile_locks'

Is there any known limitation to the use of soft links for the cache dir ?

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