[MapProxy] MapProxy lite?

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Tue Aug 25 22:18:03 PDT 2015

Hello Tobias,

you can use mapproxy.yaml to do that:

     grids: [my_grids]
     sources: [my_sources]
     disable_storage: true

Rest of the configuration can be the same. And for serving use that 
(e.g. listan on all IP addresses on port 8444):

mapproxy-util serve-develop ./mapproxy.yaml -b

And for the rest: If you have a managed server then the admin should do 
that for you because you pay for it. The installation is done in about 
5min (look in the docs).

Bye, Mathias
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Am 25.08.2015 um 22:28 schrieb Tobias Wendorff:
> Hi there!
> Is there something like 'MapProxy Lite' to run it as a server only
> without any rendering backend or caching engine?
> I've got a managed server, I never really used. I'd like to copy my
> MapProxy sqlite-caches on this server and serve WMS-C / TMS.
> I think, MapProxy depends on python-imaging on others. I don't want
> to convice the admin to install it on the server (it's pretty common,
> but perhaps he doesn't like it).
> For service WMS-C/TMS it doesn't need any imaging library, since it
> 'plays back' the cached tiles only - doesn't it?
> Best regards,
> Tobias
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