[MapProxy] Mapnik v3: N6mapnik12value_holderE

Tobias Wendorff tobias.wendorff at tu-dortmund.de
Mon Oct 26 11:23:18 PDT 2015

Am Mo, 26.10.2015, 08:39 schrieb Oliver Tonnhofer:
> python -c 'import mapnik; print mapnik.mapnik_version()'

You're right... it's version 2. I've backported python-bindings for v3
on my Debian Jessie (with hundrets of warnings). When installing a new
site-package globally, it's not available in virtualenv. You've got
several options to fix this:

- rebuild your virtualenv "using  virtualenv --system-site-packages" or
- remove "no-global-site-packages.txt" - but this might interfere with
other packages (mixed versions) or
- copy or symlink the package from global to your virtualenv.

BUT doing so, I've just found a bug in mapnik v3.0.8's python bindings:
the lib path in paths.py is wrong! It's set to "/usr/lib/mapnik/"
instead of "/usr/lib/mapnik/3.0". So it can't find the input plugins,
which are located in "/usr/lib/mapnik/3.0/input".

This might be Debian only. It can be fixed just with adding "3.0" to
"mapniklibpath" in paths.py.

So far, mapnik3 works on my system - Good work!

Best regards,

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