[MapProxy] Google Static Maps API

Piero Campalani piero.campa at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 09:48:36 PDT 2015

Dear Oliver,

I understand that there is no out-of-the-box support for proxying Google
Static Maps via MapProxy.

Is that correct or am I missing some wheels around?

As you suggested a couple of years ago (see below) I could extend a `tms'
source to understand and propagate the Google Static Maps API by adding
center_x and center_y params.

If that is the case I am glad to help and contribute somehow. May I have a
small overview on the things I should do to get this done?

Side question: what are the Google Maps compatible sources described in the
home page of MapProxy? Is there some alternative for same high-resolution
world-wide photographic imagery?
"MapProxy reads from [...] any TileCache, Google Maps or Bing
__compatible__ source"

Thanks for the support !

Hi Milo,
> I agree with Pauls comment. But nonetheless...
> On 30.10.2013, at 11:25, Milo van der Linden wrote:
> > I looked in to the best alternative because we really need caching since
> some users do not have internet access. Would it be possible to use the
> static map api? And are centerX, centerY and zoom available as parameters
> in the configuration?
> Zoom level and BBOX is already available for tile sources. You could
> extend that to include center_x and center_y.
> http://mapproxy.org/docs/nightly/sources.html#tiles
> https://github.com/mapproxy/mapproxy/blob/master/mapproxy/client/tile.py#L51
> Regards,
> Oliver
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> Oliver Tonnhofer    | Omniscale GmbH & Co KG    | http://omniscale.com
> http://mapproxy.org | https://github.com/olt    | @oltonn
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