[MapProxy] Question on transforming between different projections

Kalle Last kalle.last at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 06:16:23 PST 2016


I'm writing an application that has to use maps from different sources. One
of the sources is a map rendering library that gives me a raster picture
when given the coordinates of the opposing corners of it in Mercator. The
other source is a regular WMS server that gives me raster tiles using
L-Est97 aka EPSG:3301 projection. My plan is to have the images from both
sources merged together to get some sort of an acceptable thingy without
having things too distorted.

Obviously, Mercator and L-Est are completely different and incompatible
projections so without some fancy tricks it's impossible to make this work.
Even if I convert the Mercator coordinates to L-Est and use those to make
the query from WMS, I'll still have slight errors due to the WMS raster
data using different projection.

I saw that mapproxy has something called reprojection. Am I correct to
assume that it can behave as a proxy between the original WMS service and
my application and actually transform the L-EST raster data to be Mercator

I found a brief description of it here but before I start investing my time
in it, I'd like to get a confirmation that it can actually do what I need.

Kalle Last
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