[MapProxy] Delimiter for layer-name and grid name in TMS

Jonathan Moules jonathan-lists at lightpear.com
Thu Sep 1 06:50:17 PDT 2016

Hi List,
    Looking at the TMS as supported by MapProxy (https://mapproxy.org/docs/1.8.0/services.html#tms-service-label), I see this line:
    "MapProxy uses the actual name of the grid as the grid identifier instead of the SRS code. Tiles will then be available under /tms/1.0.0/mylayer/mygrid/ instead of /tms/1.0.0/mylayer/EPSG1234/ or /tms/1.0.0/mylayer_EPSG1234/."
    So MapProxy is using the / symbol to separate layer from grid (or EPSG). Although there's also the option to use a _ as well apparently.
    In contrast, MapServer is using the @ symbol: http://mapserver.org/mapcache/services.html#mapcache-services, as does GeoWebCache/Geoserver (http://geowebcache.org/docs/current/services/tms.html)
    Does anyone know why MapProxy uses /or _ rather than @ to delimit this? And which is the "standard" (the actual standard doesn't seem to say either way, but that may just be my reading - http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Tile_Map_Service_Specification)

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