[MapProxy] building WMTS coverages

Andrew Terry andrew.terry at centremaps.co.uk
Mon Sep 19 04:51:00 PDT 2016


A couple of concepts I'd like to clarify the best practice on as I'm not sure from the docs:

1)      If I want to create a multi-mapproxy environment with a primary area and also a user specific subset, assuming I'm sharing a whole layer/cache, should I use:

a.       the primary WMTS as a source for the client version with no cacheing or...

b.       a duplicate of the source layer config (ie. Source, grid and layer being identical) such that the cache directory is identical

2)      If I have two layers based on identical grids and where for example levels 0-10 are identical but levels 11-16 differ, is it viable to use just one cache for levels 0-10 and use that as a no-cacheing source for the second layer?

Happy to be pointed to a tutorial/example


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