[MapProxy] MapProxy is using the system Proj4 or instead a private version ?

Andrea Peri aperi2007 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 15:22:19 PST 2017


I need to know what kind of proj4 is using mapproxy.

Before to install the mapproxy , I instal separately the mapproxy in the
usual path:

/usr/local/share/proj   (proj4 4.9.3)
After this I installed the mapproxy in a virtualenv using the
"pip install MapProxy"

So I guess the MapProxy should use the Proj4 previously installed in

but after some tests I guess the mapproxy is not using that proj4.

I guess this because I change some setting in the epsg available in the
/usr/.. path but the reprojection of mapproxy don't follow my changes.

So I guess that mapproxy is using instead a private proj4 or a private

Is true this ?

Many thx for help.


Andrea Peri
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