[MapProxy] FeatureInfo-Request depending on coverage

Holger Schiebold hschiebold at codematix.de
Wed Jan 11 02:35:25 PST 2017

didn't answered to the list last time - sorry

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Betreff: 	Re: [MapProxy] FeatureInfo-Request depending on coverage
Datum: 	Thu, 22 Dec 2016 16:12:35 +0100
Von: 	Holger Schiebold <hschiebold at codematix.de>
An: 	Andreas Zapke <andreas.zapke at geomap.immo>


at the moment it is not implemented i think. But it's open source, so
you can extend the source/wms.py and config/loader.py a little bit.
Maybe like this - but not really tested:

change in config/loader.py in method fi_source

fi_source = WMSInfoSource(fi_client, fi_transformer=fi_transformer)


coverage = self.coverage()
fi_source = WMSInfoSource(fi_client, fi_transformer=fi_transformer,

and class WMSInfoSource(InfoSource): in source/wms.py


class WMSInfoSource(InfoSource):
     def __init__(self, client, fi_transformer=None, coverage=None):
         self.client = client
         self.fi_transformer = fi_transformer
         self.coverage = coverage

     def get_info(self, query):
         if self.coverage and not self.coverage.contains(query.coord,
             return None
         doc = self.client.get_info(query)
         if self.fi_transformer:
             doc = self.fi_transformer(doc)
         return doc

regards Holger

Am 21.12.2016 um 16:20 schrieb Andreas Zapke:
> Hi,
> I have the same question as Andrej asked yesterday:
> I would like to reiterate a question I asked before, but I am still
> couldn't find an answer. Its about WMS FeatureInfo in Mapproxy, may be
> a newbee question, but documentation is not really clear for me.
> I defined several wms sources, each source with a provided coverage.
> Those sources are combined in a cache, cache is source for a layer,
> image requests are answered depending on the coverage, everything is
> fine. What is a bit confusing to me is how FeatureInfo requests are
> handled, it seems like coverage is ignored here. I do get results from
> all sources, but i would like to get only the result for the source
> that covers the requested bbox. Is there a way to achieve this? Is
> coverage considered at all for FeatureInfo request in mapproxy?
> Thanks in advance!
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